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Metrotech provides exceptional service and products to the corporate audio visual events industry. With a huge selection of equipment and services for all your audio visual requirements.  We are a full service company – providing everything from daily equipment hire right through to pre-production, rehearsals, styling, technology, execution and technical support.




Elections come but every few years, and to stay on top of the latest trends, renting might prove an ideal option for politicians

No matter what your political need may be, Metrotech offer tablets, laptops,  audio visual equipment .

To make necessary quality presentations, politicians can rely on quality LCD or LED monitors to share data with rally attendees.




Does your organization exhibit at multiple trade shows throughout the year? If so, ask us about our multi-show discounts and see just how affordable partnering with Metrotech can be.

Metrotech offers the latest in  large screen monitor rental ,laptop rental Ipad rental and much more to make your exhibit booth stand out from the crowd.. 


Event Rental


You only get one chance BUT You can make it happen!

When all preps & plans boil down in your desire to make the lasting impression and create the greatest impact of unforgettable events, we will help you do it & convey our message using the latest technology available in the market today. Impressive AVPs, Moving SDEs, surprise videos & slideshows are some of the ways you can ‘WOW!’ your audience & leave a lasting impression on them.