Projectors For Rent Philippines


I worked as bank employee for 10 long years. It was a good experience but never enough to feed my ‘hungry soul’ desperately longing for a business of my own. If there’s something I love to do and create, that would be business. So aside from working in a bank, I started chasing after my dream by putting up something which I can call my own. I had countless business ventures in the past to which all of them failed. I went bankrupt, losing my capital & all my earnings as well. The situation turned from bad to worst as I made a hasty decision of resigning from work. It was a painful decision coupled with difficult adjustment as I became a full time mom of three growing up boys while in debt. I will not in any way be shameful to share that we live on ‘Pancit Canton’ on a daily basis during those days , atleast we get to enjoy all the flavors !

But since i have this deep longing for business, I never completely gave up on it. After countless failures, I started one again. Bought a second hand projector and started my own rental business to which I became the owner, secretary, technician and messenger rolled into one! My only capital could be summed up into two – Lakas ng Loob at Katapatan. Courage to face the challenges of meeting every client’s expectations & honesty to comply what I have committed both to my clients & fellow suppliers. I started trusting people again to broaden my network. There are times when I don’t make money yet is thankful for break even scenarios. There are also occasions where the absence of profit is evident but I chose to charge the experience to motivate me polish my craft more. I never dreamed of becoming a Millionaire. No, it was not part of it. All I wanted is to have something I can call my own and be happy with it.

Because of the many past failures and misfortune, I have come to value the importance of saving for the future. Not just for me but for my children, most importantly. I defined my needs from my wants and forget temporarily the luxuries in life. I spent time reading and learning about stocks and other forms of investment. I soaked myself reading inspiring books and success stories. I know someday I can be like them too, I started dreaming. I allocated an ample amount as part of my savings and rewarded myself with a ‘salary’ on a monthly basis, which also serves as a financial ‘discipline indicator’ for me. I never thought that all these could be possible. I thought all the while that dreams remain to be dreams ‘til the end yet, God proved me wrong by allowing me to experience His blessings. All those hard works and past failures became my daily dose of ‘oxygen’ and ‘fuel’ to keep me from giving up and getting discouraged. God has been and will continue to be my constant coach and mentor in everything. I always remind myself of one thing - All these, no matter how big and plenty, are just temporary. Yes, all else can fade away if not properly handled and channeled to the right avenues. All these were entrusted by the One Real Owner from heaven, ready to be shared unconditionally to those who need it most. And I am one happy, contented steward of that real owner from above…